In (K)Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trus­ty Tahr, the Twink­le soft­pho­ne ap­p­li­ca­ti­on is so­mehow pa­cka­ged wron­gly so that due to mis­sing de­pen­den­ci­es, Twink­le can­not start up in gra­phi­cal mo­de. Un­til a cor­rec­ted pa­cka­ge is re­leased, you can re­sur­rect Twink­le by using the ver­si­on from Ubun­tu 12.04 LTS. To do that, per­form the […]

How to in­stall the Twink­le soft pho­ne on (K)Ubuntu 14.04 Trus­ty Tahr

I’m just wri­ting so­me Ja­va code and for the thousand-and-first time the­re is so­me­thing li­ke pu­blic vo­id someMethod(AnyType a) {  if (a in­s­tan­ce­of De­ri­va­teOfAny­Ty­pe) {   De­ri­va­teOfAny­Ty­pe d=(DerivateOfAnyType)a;   d.someMethodOfDerivate();  } } Even though the­se-days Ja­va has Ge­ne­rics, An­no­ta­ti­ons and that other cool stuff, you still have need for such casts, and […]

Au­to­cas­ting in Ja­va – An ap­proach