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The Bangle.js 2 smart watch – an overview

Some days ago I pos­ted a Ger­man intro­duc­tion­a­ry video about the Bangle.js 2 smart watch. I got some feed­back and deci­ded to pro­du­ce ano­ther ver­si­on of this video. It has rough­ly the same con­tent, but is in English.

Sin­ce Decem­ber 2021 I have a Bangle.js 2 smart watch. It’s the result of a crowd­fun­ding cam­paign on Kick­star­ter I par­ti­ci­pa­ted in.

The device has a colou­red touch dis­play and a num­ber of sen­sors. And it’s gre­at to play around with (espe­ci­al­ly for „nerds”) as ever­y­thing is Open Source and can be pro­grammed easi­ly in Java­script. It has an app coll­ec­tion on its home­page and can be pro­grammed direct­ly in a web browser.

So, I crea­ted this video. I pre­sent the watch and how to use it. Have a look on it at You­tube and give any feed­back you like – eit­her the­re or here in the blog:

The Bangle.js 2 smart watch – an overview
Die­ses Video auf You­Tube anse­hen.
Kli­cken auf das Video stellt eine Ver­bin­dung zu You­tube her/Clicking on the video con­nects to Youtube.

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