Interface example done with UiUiUi

User interface library „UiUiUi” for Arduino/ESP32/ESP8266 etc.

Recent­ly, I star­ted a bit of micro­con­trol­ler pro­gramming. I did some hob­by elec­tro­nics back in the 1980ies and it’s fasci­na­ting to see how things have evolved.

I real­ly like the­se litt­le ESP32 modu­les. For some 25 EUR you get a modu­le with the size of two stamps with decent ROM and RAM, Wifi, Blue­tooth – and a small OLED dis­play. How many nice things one can do with these…

When I star­ted deve­lo­p­ment, I wan­ted to make use of that OLED dis­play to show infor­ma­ti­on about what’s going on. But it tur­ned out that it’s not that simp­le. I could not find a decent libra­ry for buil­ding more com­plex user inter­faces. I mean, U8g2 is a fan­ta­stic libra­ry for acces­sing the dis­play – but it’s pret­ty basic when it comes to the actu­al pre­sen­ta­ti­on on screen.

So, I star­ted wri­ting my own user inter­face libra­ry. For seve­ral weeks I work­ed on my „UiUiUi” user inter­face libra­ry and, final­ly, yes­ter­day I released it on Git­hub and into the Ardui­no libra­ry mana­ger. It works on top of U8g2 and should be com­pa­ti­ble with all dis­plays U8g2 supports.

UiUiUi example with a complex user interface

UiUiUi exam­p­le with a com­plex user interface

If you are a deve­lo­per of Ardui­no sket­ches or ESP pro­grams (or poten­ti­al­ly ano­ther plat­form of this kind) and also want to use the­se litt­le dis­plays in a more sophisti­ca­ted way, you might want to have a look and give it a try.

UiUiUi example with interface changes on interaction

UiUiUi exam­p­le with inter­face chan­ges on interaction

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