How to in­stall the Twink­le soft pho­ne on (K)Ubuntu 14.04 Trus­ty Tahr 5

In (K)Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trus­ty Tahr, the Twink­le soft­pho­ne ap­p­li­ca­ti­on is so­mehow pa­cka­ged wron­gly so that due to mis­sing de­pen­den­ci­es, Twink­le can­not start up in gra­phi­cal mo­de. Un­til a cor­rec­ted pa­cka­ge is re­leased, you can re­sur­rect Twink­le by using the ver­si­on from Ubun­tu 12.04 LTS. To do that, per­form the fol­lo­wing steps:

1) Add the Ubun­tu 12.04 pa­cka­ge sources to the sys­tem. For this, add the fol­lo­wing li­nes to /etc/apt/sources.list:

## Ubun­tu 12.04 for pa­cka­ges to be in­stal­led from ol­der re­lease due to bugs
deb http://​ar​chi​ve​.ubun​tu​.com/​u​b​u​n​tu/ pre­cise restric­ted main mul­ti­ver­se uni­ver­se

2) Ex­clu­de the­se pa­cka­ges from the de­fault up­date me­cha­nism – pa­cka­ges from he­re should on­ly be in­stal­led on spe­cial re­quest. Do this by ad­ding the fol­lo­wing li­nes to /​etc/​apt/​preferences (crea­te the file if it does not exist so far):

Pa­cka­ge: *
Pin: re­lease a=precise
Pin-Prio­ri­ty: 400

3) In­stall twink­le from Ubun­tu 12.04 LTS Pre­cise Pan­go­lin by is­suing the fol­lo­wing com­man­ds:

apt-get up­date
apt-get in­stall twinkle/​precise

This forces to in­stall the twink­le pa­cka­ge from the just-ad­ded „pre­cise“ pa­cka­ge source which ac­tual­ly is Ubun­tu 12.04. If you had in­stal­led twink­le be­fo­re from Ubun­tu 14.04, apt-get will warn you that you are go­ing to down­gra­de the pa­cka­ge. It might al­so in­stall so­me fur­t­her li­bra­ries from Ubun­tu 12.04. Not that the com­mand will out­put the ver­si­on num­ber of the twink­le pa­cka­ge which is ac­tual­ly cho­sen by selec­ting the „pre­cise“ pa­cka­ge source (no­te that be­low Ger­man lo­ca­li­sa­ti­on is gi­ven):

Ver­si­on »1:1.4.2-2.1« (Ubuntu:12.04/precise [am­d64]) für »twink­le« ge­wählt.

Af­ter that, twink­le should be starta­ble again. It is now the ol­der ver­si­on which works wi­thout pro­blems – and has the cor­rect de­pen­den­ci­es so that the gra­phi­cal in­ter­face co­mes up.

4) Af­ter ha­ving in­stal­led the old ver­si­on, you have to fix it so that sub­se­quent „apt-get up­grade“ com­man­ds do not over­wri­te it with the (bro­ken) ver­si­on from 14.04 again. For this, add ano­t­her ent­ry to /​etc/​apt/​preferences:

Pa­cka­ge: twink­le
Pin: ver­si­on 1:1.4.2-2.1
Pin-Prio­ri­ty: 500

No­te that we pin the pa­cka­ge to the ver­si­on which has be­en out­put by the „apt-get in­stall“ com­mand above.

By using the /​etc/​apt/​preferences file, we have the gre­at ad­van­ta­ge that all pa­cka­ge ma­nage­ment front­ends obey the pin­ning. Locking a pa­cka­ge e.g. in syn­ap­tic will not in­flu­ence the apt com­mand li­ne tools.

5) Fi­nal­ly, apt-get might com­p­lain about so­me au­to-in­stal­led pa­cka­ges which are not nee­ded any mo­re. The­se are li­bra­ries nee­ded by 14.04’s twink­le which are not nee­ded by any other pa­cka­ge. Re­mo­ve the­se with

apt-get au­to­re­mo­ve

Af­ter all the­se steps, you have a working twink­le again and you had not to tweek the pa­cka­ge ma­nage­ment out of its li­mits.

Three mon­ths la­ter…

Af­ter in­stal­ling twink­le this way, I used it for about six weeks. Un­for­tu­n­a­te­ly, it be­ca­me mo­re and mo­re un­sta­ble, pro­bab­ly due to up­dated li­bra­ries or other stuff, which mo­ved my sys­tem mo­re and mo­re away from precise’s en­vi­ron­ment. When my twink­le cras­hed in three of four at­tempts to ans­wer an in­co­m­ing call, I fi­nal­ly mo­ved away from it. Now, I am using sflpho­ne, which be­ca­me us­able af­ter so­me up­dates of Trus­ty Thar. Un­for­tu­n­a­te­ly, it mas­si­ve­ly lacks do­cu­men­ta­ti­on, I can­not find the com­mand-li­ne cli­ent and the desk­top in­te­gra­ti­on is far away from the sta­te I had with twink­le.

All the other VoIP soft pho­nes of Ubun­tu and even bey­ond are unusu­able – eit­her due to tech­ni­cal in­ca­pa­bi­li­ties or due to even worse in­te­gra­ti­on in­to my desk­top – be­ar with me, but I’d li­ke to ans­wer a call pu­re­ly by key­board and not pushing the mou­se all over the desk­top.

Over all, the sta­te and qua­li­ty of VoIP soft­pho­ne cli­ents on Li­nux is ra­ther un­con­vin­cing, even in 2014…

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5 Gedanken zu “How to in­stall the Twink­le soft pho­ne on (K)Ubuntu 14.04 Trus­ty Tahr

  • Xulian


    All your pro­ce­du­re worked for me with an up­dated Ubun­tu 14.04.02 from Ubun­tu 12.04.
    The on­ly dif­fe­rence was I must use /etc/apt/preferences.d/twinkle file to per­form your in­di­ca­ti­ons.

    To­day is working fi­ne, but I will start loo­king for a sub­sti­tu­te to be re­ady as so­on it starts to de­gra­de per­for­mance.

        • Franco Calagreti

          i add Pa­cka­ge: *
          Pin: re­lease a=precise
          Pin-Prio­ri­ty: 400
          apt-get in­stall twinkle/​precise
          Let­tu­ra elen­co dei pac­chet­ti… Fat­to

          E: Cam­po non val­i­do nel file del­le pre­fe­ren­ze /​etc/​apt/​preferences, man­ca l’intestazione „Pa­cka­ge“